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Excellent for stimulating circulation to skin, promote deep pore cleansing to help heal blemishes and acne.  Helps tone and firm the skin.  Good for all skin types.  

Cleanse face with cleansing oil. Mix 1 - 2 tsp. powder with water to make a paste. Apply and leave on skin until dry or about 20 minutes. Use 1 or 2 times per week. For dry/sensitive skin make a thinner paste using water or Olive Lavender Cleansing Oil and leave on skin 10 minutes or less. Apply Lavender Splash to tone and close pores. Moisturize with cleansing oil or Body Butter.

Adding raw honey with the water adds a wonderful moisturizing quality. Use 1/4 tsp or whatever works for you. The mask will not be sticky. It will be smooth.

Contains: Kaolin clay, organic oats, organic, raw almonds, organic lavender flowers, organic roses, organic lavender essential oil.

Facial Mask

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